Brand or OEM rechargeable AAA size Nickel Cadmium battery

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Guangdong, China
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UL, ce
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Supply Ability:
100000 Pack/Packs per Month
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in bulk carton
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Quantity(Packs) 1 - 1000 >1000
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Battery specifics
AAANI-CD AAA4001.240010.0±0.242.7±0.5
AAANI-MH AAA700J1.270010.0±0.244.0±0.5
AAANI-MH AAA850J1.285010.1±0.244.0±0.5
5/4AAANI-MH 5/4AAA7501.275010.0±0.250.5±0.5
5/7AAAANI-MH 5/7AAA11001.2110010.0±0.266.5±0.5
AANI-CD AA8001.280013.9±0.248.0±0.5
AANI-CD AA11001.2110013.9±0.248.0±0.5
7/5AANI-CD 7/5AA13001.2130013.9±0.264.5±0.5
AANI-MH AA20001.2200014.2±0.248.8±0.5
AANI-MH AA2300J1.2230014.2±0.250.0±0.5
AANI-MH AA2400J1.2240014.2±0.250.0±0.5
2/3AANI-MH 2/3AA7001.270013.9±0.228.1±0.5
4/5AANI-MH 4/5AA12001.2120013.9±0.242.6±0.5
7/5AANI-MH 7/5AA18001.2180013.9±0.264.5±0.5
ANI-CD A16001.2160016.6±0.249.0±0.5
4/5ANI-CD 4/5A12001.2120016.6±0.242.1±0.5
7/5ANI-CD 7/5A20001.2200016.6±0.266.2±0.5
ANI-MH A21001.2210016.6±0.249.0±0.5
1/2ANI-MH 1/2A10001.2100016.3±0.227.4±0.5
4/5ANI-MH 4/5A20001.2200016.6±0.242.1±0.5
7/5ANI-MH 7/5A35001.2350016.6±0.266.0±0.5
7/5ANI-MH 7/5A38001.2380016.6±0.266.0±0.5
SCNI-CD SC13001.2130022.0±0.242.0±0.5
SCNI-CD SC18001.2180022.0±0.242.0±0.5
SCNI-CD SC22001.2220022.0±0.242.0±0.5
4/5SCNI-CD 4/5SC12001.2120022.0±0.232.5±0.5
5/4SCNI-CD 5/4SC20001.2200022.0±0.249.0±0.5
5/4SCNI-CD 5/4SC23001.2230022.0±0.249.0±0.5
SCNI-MH SC28001.2280022.0±0.242.0±0.5
SCNI-MH SC33001.2330022.0±0.242.0±0.5
4/5SCNI-MH 4/5SC20001.2200022.0±0.232.5±0.5
5/4SCNI-MH 5/4SC35001.2350022.0±0.249.0±0.5
CNI-CD C25001.2250025.2±0.249.0±0.5
CNI-CD C28001.2280025.2±0.249.0±0.5
1/2CNI-CD 1/2C7501.275025.2±0.224.8±0.5
CNI-MH C25001.2250025.2±0.249.5±0.5
CNI-MH C33001.2330025.2±0.249.0±0.5
CNI-MH C40001.2400025.2±0.249.0±0.5
CNI-MH C45001.2450025.2±0.249.0±0.5
DNI-CD D50001.2500032.1±0.259.0±0.5
1/2DNI-CD 1/2D25001.2250032.1±0.235.0±0.5
DNI-MH D50001.2500032.1±0.259.0±0.5
DNI-MH D80001.2800032.1±0.259.0±0.5
DNI-MH D85001.2850032.1±0.259.0±0.5
DNI-MH D90001.2900032.1±0.259.0±0.5
1/2DNI-MH 1/2D35001.2350032.1±0.235.0±0.5
FNI-CD F80001.2800032.1±0.289.0±0.5
FNI-MH F130001.21300032.1±0.289.0±0.5
NNI-CD N2201.222011.5±0.228.5±0.5
Remark: 1)J - high top, 2)flat top(Don't write)
NIMH&NICD Special Rechargeable Battery
AANI-CD AA800H1.280048.0±0.513.9±0.2
AANI-MH AA1300H1.2130013.9±0.248.0±0.5
4/5ANI-MH 4/5A1400H1.2140016.6±0.242.1±0.5
SCNI-CD SC1300H1.2130042.0±0.522.0±0.2
SCNI-CD SC1800H1.2180042.0±0.522.0±0.2
SCNI-MH SC2800H1.2280022.0±0.242.0±0.5
5/4SCNI-MH 5/4SC3000H1.2300022.0±0.249.0±0.5
CNI-CD C2500H1.2250049.5±0.525.2±0.2
CNI-CD C3000H1.2300049.5±0.525.2±0.2
CNI-MH C4000H1.2400025.2±0.249.0±0.5
DNI-CD D4500H1.2450059.0±0.532.1±0.2
DNI-MH D7000H1.2700032.3±0.259.0±0.5
1/2DNI-MH 1/2D3300H1.2330032.1±0.235.0±0.5
DNI-MH D8500L1.2850032.1±0.259.0±0.5
FNI-CD F7000H1.2700089.0±0.532.1±0.2
FNI-MH F13000L1.21300032.1±0.289.0±0.5
AANI-CD AA900P1.290048.0±0.513.9±0.2
2/3ANI-MH 2/3A1400P1.2140017±0.228.5±0.5
4/5ANI-MH 4/5A2000P1.2200017±0.242.5±0.5
AAANI-MH AAA700P1.270010.2±0.244.5±0.5
AANI-MH AA1600P1.2160014.3±0.250.5±0.5
SCNI-CD SC1300P1.2130042.0±0.522.1±0.2
SCNI-CD SC2000P1.2200042.0±0.522.1±0.2
SCNI-MH SC2200P1.2220022.3±0.243±0.5
4/5SCNI-MH 4/5SC2200P1.2220022.3±0.233.5±0.5
SCNI-MH SC2400P1.2240022.3±0.243±0.5
SCNI-MH SC3300P1.2330022.3±0.243±0.5
SCNI-MH SC3800P1.2380023±0.243.5±0.5
SCNI-MH SC4000P1.2400023±0.243.5±0.5
DNI-CD D5000P1.2500059.0±0.532.1±0.2
FNI-CD F7500P1.2750089.0±0.532.1±0.2
DNI-CD D5000L1.2500059.1±0.532.1±0.2
FNI-CD F7000L1.2700089.0±0.532.1±0.2
Remark: 1) H-high temperature battery. 2) P-high power battery. 3) L-low temperature battery


Main Features:

Long Service life: Under normausage, XUQY batteries can provide over 500 discharge/charge cycles

High Energy Density: gravimetric specific energy can reach 85Wh/kg, volumetric specific energy can reach 300Wh/L

High rate charge/dicharge Characteristics: The cells can be fully charged in 1 hour under XUQY specified charging conditions, and can withstand a discharge rate up to 10C

Wide Tempertaure Range: The celexhibits super efficiency and durability for both high temperature and low temperature operations, at the range from -10℃ to 70℃

Average output voltage is 1.2V, can replace 1.5V batteries.

Clean, no pollution, no memory effect and high safety, Prevent overcharge discharge performance

Too low self-discharge: Fulcharged cells can stilkeep over 80% capacity after stored 1 year, keep 90% capacity after stored half an year(Storage at 25℃)

Excellent high rate discharge performance( Based on 0.2C discharge normina capacity, 5C discharge can reach 95%, 10C discharge can reach 90%). Suitable for high power batteries. Good discharge voltage platform with high current, for example: 5C: discharge voltage platform>=1.20V, 10C: discharge voltage platform>=1.15V, can supply enough discharge time.

Main Application:

Communication Device: Cordless phone, mobile pone, walkie-talkie

Information Device: Notebook, PDA, Portable fax machine and printers

Audio and vedio devices: DigitaCameras, Camcorders, portable DVD,VCD,MD,CD player.

Lighting: Emergency lightings, Solar lights, Search lights and Flashlights

Remote ControToys: R/C Cars, R/C Ships and Modeplanes.

Power Tools: Electric drills, Sanders, Screwdrivers, Saws, Polishers

Other Applications: Electric Shavers, Massagers, Electric tooth brushes, Handheld terminals.

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1,Q: How can I send inquiry ?

A: Customers can directly send your inquiry to us :

Chat with us online by alibaba.


2,Q: Could you print LOGO for items?

A: Sure, I can help you print LOGO as your request. 


3,Q: Can we get the sample to check before place large quantity?

A: Sure, sample is available.


4,Q: When can I get the tracking number?

A: I will let you know at the first time after shipped out.


5,Q:How about the shipping cost?

A: Shipping cost depends on your order quantity and package size,

depends on the shipping way you choose.(such like Express-DHL,Fedex,UPS ect.; by air ;by sea )


6,Q: Does buyer need to pay any charge when receive the package?

A: If customers request us write less value on the invoice, we can help. But depend on your country custom tax policy.